Thompson & Associates, LLC specializes in building long-term relationships and strategic alliances, communicating detailed intelligence and providing professional advice and guidance. We offer a targeted range of services that allow our clientele to further their interests in the state of Mississippi. Representing a diverse client roster that includes Fortune 50 companies, small enterprises, nonprofit organizations, professional trade associations and individuals, the Thompson & Associates team has built a solid record of success in the political arena through a comprehensive, broad- based program that combines direct lobbying, government relations and contract procurement.

Our in-depth understanding of the social, economic and political dynamics of this region means we are uniquely positioned to help clients with matters including:

  • Meeting with House and Senate leaders, key legislators, committee chairs and members
  • Lobbying to procure state appropriations and contracts
  • Developing strategies to pass, defeat or amend legislation
  • Drafting, monitoring and analyzing legislation to advise about opportunities for action
  • Organizing political action committees and coalitions
  • Navigating state regulatory requirements